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Xiaomi & Extra Brands - Information


  • -IMEIrepair
  • -Direct FRP erase- EDL Mode
  • -Direct FRP Erase - Unlocked Bootloader Devices - FastBoot
  • -DownGrade
  • -Flashing
  • -Writing Partition - Manual
  • -Write Factory Firmware - DownGrade
  • RSA [AUTH] Special Loader Released
  • Direct IMEIrepair NO Need Server or reset EFS - BETA
  • repair Security - BLACK Screens after Bootloader Unlocking -REDMI Note7
  • Writing Firmware EDL Mode [Qualcomm Mode]
  • Writing Firmware FastBoot Mode [Unlocked Devices]
  • +8996 +SDM660.G +8953 +8953.GEN_AUTH +RSA
  • LOG CODE 1001 Implemented - Bad Conection
  • EMUI 10 - Supported for Bootloader Unlocking Write files
  • EMUI 11 - Supported for DownGrade in Unlocked Devices
  • EMUI 11 - Supported for Direct FRP erase EDL Mode - World First - Non Need AUTH or Server
  • Xiaomi Engineer firmware, NV, Modem, QCN Supported for Write and reset
  • Xiaomi QCN WRITE Supported (QW button)
  • Xiaomi QCN READ Supported (QR button)
  • Xiaomi EFS reset -  Added for New Models and Repair Unknown Model or Unknown BaseBand  - EMUI11 Supported

repair BaseBand -Unknown Modem -BaseBand Version -
QCN Write

  • REDMI S2  -Diag Mode
  • REDMI Y2 -Diag Mode
  • REDMI NOTE 8 Ginkgo -Diag Mode
  • REDMI NOTE 8 -Diag Mode
  • REDMI NOTE 7 Lavender -Diag Mode
  • REDMI NOTE 7S -Diag Mode
  • REDMI NOTE 7 -Diag Mode
  • REDMI NOTE 6 -Diag Mode
  • REDMI NOTE 5A -Diag Mode
  • REDMI NOTE 5 PRO Whyred -Diag Mode
  • REDMI 7A -Diag Mode
  • REDMI 7 -Diag Mode
  • REDMI 5 (ROSY) -Diag Mode
  • REDMI 6PRO -Diag Mode
  • NOTE 6 PRO -Diag Mode
  • MI NOTE 3 PRO -Diag Mode
  • MI MIX 2S -Diag Mode
  • MI MAX 3 -Diag Mode
  • MI A3 -Diag Mode
  • Mi A1 -Diag Mode
  • MI A2 Lite -Diag Mode
  • MI 9T PRO -Diag Mode
  • MI 9T -Diag Mode
  • MI 9 SE Grus -Diag Mode
  • MI 9 Cepheus -Diag Mode
  • MI 9 -Diag Mode
  • MI 8 SE sirius -Diag Mode
  • MI 8 Explorer -Diag Mode
  • MI 5S PLUS -Diag Mode
  • K20 PRO -Diag Mode
  • K20 -Diag Mode
  • POCOPHONE F1 -Diag Mode
  • NOTE 7 -Diag Mode
  • MI MIX 3 -Diag Mode
  • MI 9 SE -Diag Mode
  • MI 8 PRO -Diag Mode
  • MI 8 Lite -Diag Mode
  • MI 8 -Diag Mode

Tested Device

  • Xiaomi REDMI Note7, REDMI 5 (rossy), Xiaomi Note5, Xiaomi REDMI Note6PRO
    Xiaomi Mi A3, Xiaomi Mi 8LITE, Xiaomi Mi A1, Xiaomi Note7 "LAVENDER", Xiaomi REDMI S2_Y2 and More Models undertestXiaomi REDMI Note7, REDMI5 (rossy), Xiaomi Note5, Xiaomi REDMI6 PRO, Xiaomi Note7 (lavender), Xiaomi REDMI S2/Y2

Xiaomi REDMI Note7 (LAVENDER) - Writing partition - erase OS! (TESTED BY CUSTOMMER)
Xioami REDMI Note7 (Lavender) Direct FRP erase Successfull (TESTED BY CUSTOMER)
Xioami REDMI Note7 (LAVENDER) repair Security Successfull (TESTED BY CUSTOMER)
Bootloader Unlocking in Xiaomi Lavender - Redmi note7 "Successfull"
Xiaomi REDMI 5 MDG1 -Restoring Stock ROM "GLOBAL" Successfull DTPRO Tool
Another Xiaomi REDMI Note7 FRP erase Successfull
Restore Original recovery in REDMI Note7 (Lavender) bye bye Mi Account lock - DTPRO Tool
Xiaomi REDMI Note7 (lavender) Direct FRP erase Successfull
DTQUALCOMM -eMMC Software "Downloading Lavender Custom Restore FIle" Successfull
Xiaomi REDMI Note7 (lavender) erase + TPRW Write for erase OS (Delete MI ACCOUNT)
Xiaomi REDMI Note7 (lavender) repair Security (Black Screen) Beta Test Successfull - DTPRO TEAM
Writing Factory Firmware (DownGrade) in Xiaomi REDMI 5 MDG1 SuccessFull - DTPRO Tool


  • Build...MPSS.JO.3.0-00269-8937_GENNS_PACK-1.95745.3.102706.1 Coming Soon
  • Engineer PATCH Files - MEID Unlock Area Coming Soon
  • IMEI repair Motorola Qualcomm Sec1 & Sec2 - Only SIM Slot1 - Supported